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Such a cool contest! You can use your own OC's or draw anything else! 
I was tagged by my senpai Akai--Me!

1: you have to post ALL the rules
2. Answer 12 questions that you have been asked and then create twelve of your own to tag other users to reply
3. Choose 12 victims to tag muahahaha
4. Legitimately tag these 12 people 
5. You can't say you don't do tags 
6. Tag backs are ALLOWED
7. You must do in a journal entry

  1. While drawing traditionally, have you ever destroyed your eraser in a lot of tiny pieces? 
  2. Do you even remember what traditional art is? XD 
    I do, but I get what you mean. ^^ 
  3. School/Work/any random paper is better with some doodle on it. What do you think? 
  4. Do you like elevator music? 
    Elevator music? I've never actually been in an elevator that had music in it before. I've mostly been in hospital elevators and you know... music would kinda be inappropriate to have in those settings. 
  5. Day or night? 
    Night! I love the night so much. 
  6. Daisies or roses? 
    Roses are my favorite flower! 
  7. Tell me something about 1 or 2 OCs of yours, please. I'm curious. 
    Alfred represents a joker or jester in the underworld. Big Grin Jester 
    Steve doesn't just have scars on his neck. He has scars on his hands, ankles and body from before his life at the castle. crying fella (Reactions) 
  8. Ehmm... is there anyone (be it a person or an OC) you love so much that you would create a fanclub of them?
    Heheheh, I definitely fangirl over my dear Steve and Alfred. <3 XD Fangirl 
    But... I'd probably feel weird about making a fanclub for them. ^^' (unless people actually wanted it, hah!) 
  9. Short hair or long hair? (for an OC) (I'm still touched by the hairstyle swap meme yeh) 
    My OC's usually have shortish hair... but I like long hair waaaaayyy more. 
  10. Hmmm... Tricky question that will compromise many people: does my art resemble to any other artist's one? ¬v¬ ... I'm scared... but for the ones I'll be compared to if so
    I think you're pretty original, you have your own style going for you. (That I totally love! X3)
  11. Wings are cool. What do you think? 
    Wings are awesome! 
  12. (GOSH FINALLY 12!). ehmm... hmmmmmmm ¬v¬ :9  What's your middle name? (HEHEHEHE) 
    Patricia ^w^ 


  1.  Do you like cartoons?
  2.  Would you rather a lobster or a steak? 
  3.  If you had only 3 weeks to move starting today, how would you react?
  4.  Do you like moonlight or.. ehck.. sunlight? 
  5.  If your OC's got their very own movie or T.V show of some sort, what would you name it? 
  6.  Do you have an OC that represents you/was created after yourself?
  7.  I started watching Steven Universe and I actually like it (I know I'm weak *sniffles*) What are your thoughts on that show? GIF Steven Universe - This face... 
  8.  How are you feeling today?
  9.  What do you think of the name, "Alaric"? 
  10.  What do you think of the name, "Celestial"? 
  11.  I'm creating a character after the song called, "NO," by Meghan Trainer. Have you ever created an OC from a song? 
  12.  *Hard Question* Take your two favorite OC's... if they were about to fall into a volcano, which ONE would you save? dun Dun DUN! Volcano Rider(Sorry for such a tough question! Q.Q)  

  1. Akai--Me Dignity Laugh 
  2. xReinga 
  3. Kurai-Lolabelle 
  4. FadedTea 
  5. InsaneGoldie 
  6. LonelyBoyLuis 
  7. Bookworm-Ninja 
  8. Keyleene 
  9. purebloodme 
  10. Jchoco 
  11. MagicCatDemon 
  12. Wailore 
You can simply answer in the comments. I am a dummy! 
I have gotten through 50 out of 75 deviation stacks today, now it's time to just chill out until tomorrow where I will start this painful process all over again :dummy:
Apparently, according to the mental age test I'm 45 years old! :D
I'm only 16 though ^w^

What's your mental age?
Such a cool contest! You can use your own OC's or draw anything else! 


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Emma Holmes
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I started out as a traditional artist taught by my mom. Then I started watching anime... and everything changed. I started drawing anime and now I'm beginning digital art and cartoon animation. I also love to create statues with clay and I'm going to attempt painting, (not my core strength). I also like to sew and create cute little stuffed animals! I can also bake really well and decorate cakes and such. I'm a little bit of everything I guess! :3


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